2014 Habilitation in Religious Studies, Bayreuth University

2011 Doçentlik (academic rank of associate professor) in Sociology

2001 Ph.D. Religious Studies (Dr. phil.), Erfurt University

1997 M.A. Religious Studies and Islamic Studies, Marburg University

1998-2001 Ph.D. program, Max Weber Center for Cultural and Social Studies, Erfurt University; dissertation topic: “The Kızılbaş Tradition. Genesis, Development and Reconceptualization of Alevi Religion” (supervisors: Hans G. Kippenberg, Jens P. Laut)

1992-1997 M.A. program, Philipps University Marburg and Justus Liebig University Giessen; majors: Religious Studies (Marburg) and Islamic Studies (Giessen); minor: Semitic Studies; further studies in Political Science, Philosophy; M.A. Thesis: “The Civil Religion of Turkey and Mustafa Kemal in the Religious Worldview of the Alevis”


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